Paratum Solutions:  Prepared. Informed. Equipped.

Paratum believes in being prepared.

We drive organizations to be proactive, rather than reactive.

From your organization's internal operations, client and market engagements, and geospatial data management and solutions, Paratum Solutions can help!

The first step to becoming prepared is taking a step back and reviewing your strategy, data, and processes.

Geospatial Solutions

Our firm provides solutions in the areas of GIS Strategy, GIS Executive Advisory services, Web-Mapping solutions, and Managed Services. 

Paratum ensures you're employing the right strategic solution by establishing close, long-term relationships and bringing a combination of extensive operational experience with industry knowledge to work specifically within your organization's unique culture and environment.

Paratum is committed to building and maintaining mutually beneficial, strategic alliances with companies that are leaders in their industries. 

Consultation & Implementation

Paratum works with our leading-edge clients throughout the lifecycle of their geospatial growth.  

From strategic consultation to system implementation, Paratum builds lasting relationships with our clients to ensure their success in organizational Strategy, Data, and Processes.




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