Spatial Solutions Webinar Series

Paratum Solution's webinar series highlights geospatial solutions supporting the education, healthcare, municipal, and utility industries.

Upcoming Webinars

August 8, 2024

Instant GIS Program in Just 10 Years

Dive into Georgia Tech's journey of implementing a GIS environment to improve workflows and increase efficiencies in managing customer requests and issues on campus. Learn more...

Past Webinars

Taking the Pain Out of the Building Turnover Process

Guide your facilities management organizations to optimize the turnover process to reduce or eliminate the stress of moving into a new building.
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Migrating Legacy Space Systems to ArcGIS Indoors

Learn how the University of Rhode Island is tackling legacy data quality issues while working through their ArcGIS Indoors migration.
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Using 811 to Prevent 911: Utilizing Accurate Utility Data for Damage Prevention

A centralized utility network in a GIS mapping system helps coordinate excavation work and supports the damage prevention process.
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Cats vs. Dogs: Comparing Technological Strategies for Modeling Your Campus

Drones, 360 pictures, Revit models, CAD, GIS - What are you getting out of each solution? Comparing various technologies used for facility modeling.  Learn more...

Facilities GIS: Empowering Excellence in Facilities Management

Discover how the GIS capabilities at UNT support a wide range of facilities management functions, including as-built mapping of a new campus.  Learn more...

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