Using 811 to Prevent 911:

Utilizing Accurate Utility Data for Damage Prevention

A centralized utility network in a GIS mapping system helps coordinate excavation work and supports the damage prevention process.

Campuses are like little cities with lots of assets and infrastructure. Unfortunately, underground utilities are at a high risk of damage due to facilities' inability to accurately locate and share this information with contractors, field crews, and construction teams.

The mission of Texas811 and "call before you dig" organizations is to prevent damages by consuming information from excavators and notifying utility owners when and what type of excavation work will occur. However, many campuses do not have a centralized utility network mapped and documented in a GIS mapping system, inhibiting the damage prevention process.

Webinar highlights include:

Thomas Shewan, PE, CEFP

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Director of Engineering Services

Sara Taylor, GISP


GIS Manager

Chris Akin, GISP

Paratum Solutions


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